Safaris & Tours

Safaris & Tours

Tanzania has lots to offer! At Sameji Safaris Travel we are happy to plan your tailor-made private safari exploring Tanzania’s wildlife and beyond, help you reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru, introduce you to Tanzania’s rich and beautiful culture, and complement your trip with leisure at our white sandy beaches.

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Going on a safari simply means getting in to one of our 4×4 land cruisers and we’ll take you to the best wildlife places in Tanzania. All land cruisers are equipped with open pop-up roofs for game viewing and photography. We can facilitate classic safaris or off the beaten track tours for adventurous lovebirds, visiting different parks or combining a safari with other activities.


Highlights: wildlife, birds, adventure, 4×4, nature, camping
Especially suitable for: couples, family trips, or large groups


If you’re an adventure seeker then Tanzania also has enough on offer. Our country is blessed with mountains, ranging from the immense Kilimanjaro to smaller mountains like Lengai on the Masaai land. Climbing the Kilimanjaro will take us about 7 days, but if you’re looking for a daytrip we can take you up Longido Mountain for example. Other great activities we offer you are trekking or cycling the savannah. We also include camping here as an option.


Highlights: active holiday, adventure, sportive, outdoors, nature
Especially suitable for: adventure seekers, sportive families, adventurous lovebirds, groups

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If you want to learn more about the different Tanzanian tribes, we highly recommend a Culture Tour. Tanzania is home to 120 tribes, all having a different way of life. Sameji Safaris Travel will take you to visit the Masaai, Hadza or Datoga families, where we’ll spend a few hours for you to experience their day to day life and perhaps even go hunting with the Hadza. We also welcome you to explore Sakina and experience local urban life. Sakina is a vibrant and mixed local area located on the foothill of Mt. Meru. Culture tours can easily be combined with a safari or other activity.


Highlights: culture, tribes, lifestyle, African rituals and religion
Especially suitable for a holiday with children.

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Relax and unwind at the beautiful beaches of Tanzania. Sameji Safaris Travel can advise you on the most relaxing areas to sunbathe along the coast or select the most idyllic white sandy beaches to visit on the Zanzibar islands.


Highlights: relax, romantic, recharge, sea life, diving, beach, swimming
Especially suitable for: honeymoon, couples, family holidays and other groups