Going on a Culture Tour with Sameji Safaris Travel means living it up like a local. Together we’ll visit different Tanzanian tribes, cities or rural areas. Enjoy authentic local dishes and experience the Tanzanian way of life. Various tribes can be visited, amongst them are the Maasai, Hadzabe, and Dotoga. Immerse yourself in the local life by interacting with the Tanzanian people. Listen to their stories, visit markets, a banana farm or local coffee plantation. Live like we do for day, and perhaps you’ll never want to leave…!

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Masaai Boma

Masaai are perhaps one of the most well-known African tribes, living near wildlife parks in the South of Kenya and North of Tanzania. Popular for their distinctive customs and dress. Masaai live in traditional bomas; small huts made with mud, sticks, grass and cow dung. This is where food is cooked and the families sleep. There is so much we can tell you about the Masaai, their dress, rituals, and way of living. But we’d rather you experience that for yourself. Sameji Safaris Travel will join you on a trip to Lekoko and his family to see this fascinating culture with your own eyes.

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Hadzabe and Datoga

Hadzabe (or Hadza) people are the oldest ethnic group in Tanzania and live in the North near Rift Valley and the Serengeti plateau. The Hadza consists of approximately 1000 people in total, of which 300-400 still live as hunter-gatherers.


The Datoga tribes can be found in the same regions as the Hadza tribe. The Datoga are well known blacksmiths and separated from the Masaai about 200 years ago. We’ll take you on a trip visiting both Hadza and Datoga tribes, of course providing you with more about their culture and traditions whilst we’re there.

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Take a trip with us to Sakina and together we’ll experience the local urban Tanzanian life and food. This day is all about making you feel part of our great community. We’ll teach you a little of our language and take you to places we like to visit. Paul Sameji lived in Sakina for a long time so go local, go Sakina!